As manufacturers of pet hay specifically for the pet industry, our BunnyBales are all six pound tightly
compressed scaled down versions of a regular bale of hay and bound by two poly twines. These
bales are about the same size of a shoe box or a loaf of bread and are individually packaged in 3 mil
plastic bags closed with a wire twist tie. Our BunnyBale design features a number of advantages
over the "loose hay in a bag" routine, or the larger bulk packaging or bales sized for large farm

  • Due to being tightly compressed and bound by the two poly twines the hay will better keep its
    freshness, aroma, color, nutrient content, and will greatly minimize hay shattering (crumbling
    into little particles) which most pets will not eat.

  • Due to it's compressed nature BunnyBales are a tremendous space saver for consumers and
    retailers with limited storage space. It only consumes about one third the space generally
    required for the same amount of hay from other vendors.

  • Again due to it's size and packaging, the hay can be conveniently carried, stored, and
    transported with ease and no mess.

  • The individual packaging also keeps the hay clean and free from rodent, bat, pigeon, and cat
    urine and feces, as compared to large bales stored in barns.

  • BunnyBales are all manufactured by hand, meaning the hay is selected and hand fed into the
    baling machine by each machine operator. This level of human involvement allows for constant
    visual inspection of the hay as it's processed, enabling appropriate action for any irregularities
    in the hay. A machine can not provide this added level of quality assurance.

  • The BunnyBales are manufactured in a process that compresses the hay into the shape of a
    bale. This process involves a series of compressions, each forming an individual section of the
    bale. These sections are called flakes or bats and generally there are about 10 flakes per bale.
    The bale is designed to be fed a flake at a time and we also produce a BunnyBale Feeder Kit
    that accommodates the feeding of these flakes very nicely. With the use of the Feeder Kit
    there's even more advantages with minimization of waste and mess, and added convenience
    for the caregiver.

  • Generally speaking, a BunnyBale will usually feed a mature rabbit for about a month, especially
    when used with the Feeder Kit.

  • BunnyBales come in Premium Timothy and Premium Alfalfa and they are both priced equally.

  • For rabbit enterprises traveling the show circuit, BunnyBales also offer a great level of
    convenience and space savings