Why BunnyBales?

How are BunnyBales shipped?
We use UPS for shipments in the US.    Due to restrictions we cannot ship to Canada
Your order will be shipped by United Parcel Service (UPS) ground
whenever possible. Depending on destination allow 1-7 business days, Monday through Friday, for UPS
delivery, also please allow 24 to 72 hours for order processing.  We
Do charge a 2.00 Per order handling
fee in addition to the shipping cost. This is automatically added to the price of the order.

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How are BunnyBales packaged?
Our BunnyBales are bound with twine just like a full size hay bale, bagged, and then packed into cardboard
boxes for shipping.

How do I keep my BunnyBale fresh?
Just keep your BunnyBale stored in a dark cool dry place.

How long will my BunnyBale stay fresh?
If your bunny is a really a slow eater and the hay has been stored properly, your Bunny Bale will maintain it’
s nutritional value for up to two years.

What is your Return Policy?
Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If not satisfied, upon receipt of the returned product we
will issue a full refund by issuing a credit to the same credit card used in making the inital purchase.  Our
return policy does not cover any return shipping charges.

What is the best all around hay for most herbivores?
Premium Timothy is best suited for most herbivores. Premium Alfalfa is generally  preferred by the pets,
but the nutritional levels found in Premium Alfalfa are typically more than necessary and can contribute to
obesity  and other health problems if constantly fed as a primary food source. Generally Premium Alfalfa is
better used on an occasional treat basis.  Adolescent herbivore can make much better use of the extra
nutrition as they are growing bone structure and muscle tissue, but when mature they should be switched
to Premium Timothy which will better align with their nutritional needs.

Are pellets a good food source for my pet?
Most herbivores like eating pellets. However, herbivores digestive systems were never intended to
consume foods in a pellet form. If you observe your pets bathing habits you’ll notice they clean
themselves by licking. This licking causes them to ingest significant amounts of hair. Thus, they end up
having hair balls in their digestive systems. Consuming hay provides them the roughage needed to help
move the hair through their systems. Pellets are not effective with the hairball problem. Also, many
herbivores require a roughage to gnaw on to maintain proper tooth wear. Otherwise the teeth will grow
too long and cause eating and dental problems. Some herbivore, in the absence of a good forage to feed
on, will have an instinctive tendency to gnaw other items in their cage to satisfy the proper wear of their
teeth. Furthermore, pellets can result in the pets overeating causing serious complications or even death.
On the other hand, pets can consume all of the Premium Timothy hay desired without consequence, just as
they are subject to do in their wild habitat. (By the way; there are no pellets in their wild habitat.)

How can I learn more about my pets health and nutritional needs?
Click on our “Pet Health Tips” button. There’s more information there plus you’ll find a link to a
Veterinarian’s website for which you may find very helpful.

What forms of payments do we accept ?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Money Orders, Certified Check, and Personal Checks. However we cannot
process an order until we have the Money Order, Certified Check, or until we have received payment on
the personal Check.  To order this way please
contact us here.

Disclaimer : Please be advised that everything shown or posted on this website is for general information purposes
only.  This information is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice and care for your
pet.  For specific medical advice and treatment please contact a licensed veterinarian.
Frequently Asked Questions