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Bunny Bales” are designed specifically for the small herbivore pet industry, featuring these three
major factors:

   Very high feed quality

   Value packed and competitively priced

   Sized and packaged for convenience

High feed quality is the cornerstone of the Bunny Bale product line.  Only the best naturally sun cured Timothy and Alfalfa hays are used in the process.  Providing these high grade hays in the
baled form, as opposed to loose hay in a bag, offers even more protection to the original quality of
the hay.  Loose hay in a bag tends to shatter excessively through shipment and just normal
handling before the product ever makes it to you, the consumer.  Also, further damages are
encountered while on the shelf from light itself.  This is easily detected by the loss of it’s natural
green color.  A loss of color generally means a loss of Vitamin C, and possibly other nutrients as
well.  With
Bunny Bales, the hay is protected both from light and excessive shattering due to
being tightly compressed into a true bale and is bound by two poly twines.

Value packed and competitively priced is a feature equally important to the Bunny Bale product
line.  For your own assurance, for sure, please compare our prices to other quality pet supply
products for both quality and price.

Sized and packaged for convenience is important for all involved.  With the Bunny Bales being so
tightly and neatly bundled, everyone benefits.  As a manufacturer, retailer, shipper, and consumer,
space is always a factor.  Retailers find our products are much more shelf space friendly as
opposed to the loose hay in a bag arrangement.  In most
cases, space requirements translate into only about one
third to that of loose hay.  Packaging is also important, as
it keeps the mess of hay contained in a re-closeable 3 mil
plastic bag.  This bag is intended for the customer to use
out of and re-close as needed.  
Bunny Bales weigh at least
six pounds(or 96 oz.) and measures 13" X 7.5" X 6" and will generally feed one mature rabbit for
about one month on average.  Of course, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, and other small herbivore will
consume at an even lesser rate.  This six pound size was chosen to accommodate the most
popular quantity for the small pet owners and provide the most economical pricing.

Premium Timothy is a grass hay that is typically high in
fiber and Vitamin C and has sufficient levels of other
nutrients appropriate for most adult herbivore.  Timothy
hay is a healthy choice as the primary food for your adult
herbivore.  The high fiber content serves well towards
aiding the gastrointestinal process and minimizes problems
with hairballs.  It also promotes good dental health and
provides for proper wear of their front teeth.  

Premium Alfalfa is a legume hay that’s loaded with many
nutrients and characteristically is very high in protein,
calcium, and calories.   Alfalfa hay is better suited to the
youngster herbivore due to the fact that they are
developing bone structure and muscle tissue. Thus,
enabling better use of  the higher levels of nutrients.

For Animal Rescue Groups  and other operations feeding hay in large amounts we now offer our
Premium Timothy and Premium Alfalfa in a bulk quantity. These quantities of Bulk Hay come 25
pounds per box and can be shipped via UPS. For large Bulk Hay orders ( 200 pounds and greater)
CONTACT US to find the best shipping rates for you.

Bunny Bale Feeder Unit is a two piece system
designed to work hand in hand with the
Bunny Bale
hay products.  Similar to a regular bale of hay, the
Bunny Bale comes apart in sections called “bats”
or “flakes”.  As the bales are being made, the hay is
compressed in a series of compressions.  Each
compression forms a bat or flake and each bale
contains about six or seven of these flakes.  The
wooden feeder unit is designed to contain one flake
at a time and has a window opening allowing the pet
to select and eat one stem of hay at a time.  Using this feeder minimizes waste, keeps the hay
clean, and reduces the need for constant resupplying.  The second piece is a mounting bracket
made of galvanized metal that simply mounts inside any wire mesh cage.  This bracket serves
also as a lid for the feeder and facilitates an easy snap in/snap out of the wooden feeder unit
itself.  This bracket allows the caretaker to quickly and easily remove the feeder box for refill.  
Purchase them individually or together as a kit. To see mounted view of feeder and bracket unit in
a cage

The BunnyBale Metal Feeder Unit.  
Works just like our wooden unit
only  its made of metal.   
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