Pine Hill Farms is owned and operated by JW,
Karen, and John Tingler and has been
in the hay business since 1983
. We're located
in the beautiful Potts Valley near Covington,
Bunny Bale is an outgrowth of Pine
Hill Farms
with a specific focus geared towards
the small herbivore pet industry.   The
cornerstone of our business is, and always
has been,

Customer Satisfaction.   

Customer Satisfaction is the best indicator we’ve ever
found that measures with great accuracy how well any
business is actually running.  Knowing the importance
of customer satisfaction, we’ve kept that as our highest priority over the years.  Customer Satisfaction has
many dimensions, but for sure three very important ones; product
Quality, Price, and Convenience.  

Pine Hill Farms / Bunny Bale it is our mission to provide our customers with a very high grade hay
product at
competitive pricing.  All of our products are satisfaction money back guaranteed.  Also, a part of
the customer satisfaction equation of great importance is
Convenience.  Having a quality product is
important, but equally important is providing it to the customer in a fashion where it can be used effectively
conveniently.  We specifically designed our Bunny Bale product line to match the needs of the small
herbivore pets and their caretakers.  

Some folks say profit is the best indicator, but profit is merely a result of how well you’re achieving
customer satisfaction.  A business is not likely to experience growth or any other form of success if it’s
failing in the customer satisfaction category.

Being customer oriented we value the input we get from our customers.  We listen to your words very
carefully and use that input to help assure we’re providing products and services matching your needs and
preference to the best of our ability.

In addition to being family owned and
operated, we have several part time helpers
assisting with a variety of critical activities.
The work crew is comprised primarily of high
school students from within our local
community. Each of these young men and
women are eager to learn new work skills
and beyond doubt have a desire to play an
important part in the overall success of our
business.   Our focus is largely on work
ethics, quality of performance, dependability,
teamwork, and productivity.

Thank you for visiting our website! We look forward to having you join our long list of satisfied customers
for your future hay needs and also for the health of your small herbivore pet. Please
contact us if we can be
of any further assistance to purchase any of our products.
Disclaimer : Please be advised that everything shown or posted on this website is for general information purposes
only.  This information is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice and care for your
pet.  For specific medical advice and treatment please contact a licensed veterinarian
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